3-in-1 Back Pain Relief Lumbar Support Back Stretcher & Neck Relaxer

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If you are working long term on the computer, you are probably suffering from consequential pains in your back, shoulder,neck or even headache which are associated with bad posture. Have you imagined there will be a device to help you combat sitting-related health risk and restore your back health? Yes, it finally comes. LeWonde Back Plus massage support was developed to correct your sitting posture, relieve your back and neck pain, improve your back flexibility, and achieve a healthier back.

Back Plus is a multi-functional back support composed of a supporting base and a back rest. You could use it as a lumbar pillow, back stretcher or neck rester with adjustment of arch levels. Whatever you use it, it is helpful for you to remove fatigue,reduce muscle tightness and get relaxation.

We believe this device is very useful for those who are looking for some simple solution to relieve back pains. If you are sitting long time as me, it will be greatly helpful.

LeWonde Back Plus is composed of two parts, the base and the stretcher (back-rest). The base is designed to adjust length with a clip-lever. By adjusting lever-clip to different position, the stretcher arch will change accordingly. To make sure anyone leaning or lying with spine fit well with the stretcher, the middle of stretcher is designed like a cradle which you can see clearly in front view of Back Plus. 

The stretcher is made from Polypropylene which has excellent intensity and toughness. So it could fit your natural shape perfectly especially when you lie on it.  We also add massage nodes and trigger points on the stretcher to provide more comfort and relief for people lying on it. 


Who Can Benefit from the Back Plus?

To use the Back Plus as a lumbar support in chairs or neck rest pillow, it suits for most people who are looking for something comfort, stiff, light-weighted, flexible and portable.

As a back stretcher, the Back Plus can be helpful for anyone suffering from back muscle knots, sciatica, back pain after exercising (it can prevent the pain if you use it before exercising!), back pain from prolonged sitting and standing, posture related back pain and herniated/bulging related back pain. While considering back stretching is a kind of physical treatment for back pain, we suggest you to consult your physician before use it to stretch your back. 

Different from other back stretchers in the market which are hard to adjust arch level, our Back Plus designed the mechanical part which make it simple and easy to adjust arch level.  

When you use it as a lower back support in your chair, you could feel your lumbar being supported and your automatically lean back to return to your natural spine curve. It is an ideal device to remind you sitting in right posture. 


For most lower back pain caused by long-term sitting or standing, physical stretching is most helpful exercise to relieve the back pain and improve flexibility. When you lie down on it, the Back Plus will support your body weight and create pressure on the muscles on each side of your spine. The pressure allows for the muscles to completely relax, which increases blood flow. It decompresses your spine and you are passively stretching in opposite directions while being supported in the correct position.  Meanwhile, the massage nodes and acupressure points on the stretcher provide a unique massaging sensation guaranteed to help flush out back tension and core stiffness. 

Whether you have chronic back pain, minor back stiffness or just have tired back muscles from sitting all day, our Back Plus starts working immediately to remove pain and restore function. Recommended by physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists, the Back Plus stretcher is all you’ll ever need to get rid of annoying back discomfort. 

When you adjust the Back Plus to arch Level 3, you will be able to use it as a neck rest and relax pillow. Lie down with your neck resting on the Back Plus, find the most comfortable position, and move your head from side to side or front to back, feel the pressure from the massage nodes (mainly on Fengchi acupuncture points GB20e at upper neck, see figure below). The pressure will relieve your tension and stiffness, and bring you total relaxation. 

Our Back Plus is compact and portable, you can take it anywhere you want. In your office, on trip, at home, anywhere you'd like to lean or lie on it for a rest and relief. 

Is it Painful When Use It as A Stretcher?

Yes, for most people, it is painful to lie on it for the first time as it is no a soft pillow. It functions because it gives you a stringer stretch passively than you can do on your own. 

For beginner, always use it with Level 1. When you lie on it, you can use a pillow under your head and with your knee bent, then relax as much as possible. Once your back relaxes and adjusts, it will be extremely helpful.


How Long Is The Treatment Time as A Stretcher?


You’ll only need a few minutes a day (3-5 minutes) to get the remarkable benefits of the Back Plus. But if you stop using it every day, you can’t expect lasting results.

The secret is to keep using it every day, if only for a few minutes.

Use it before you go to sleep if you have back pain at night. Use it before and after exercising to prevent injury and back pain. Use it whenever you feel a “back attack” is coming to stop it dead in its tracks.